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Baechler Investigative Services is a Recognized Leader in SIU and  Anti- Fraud Services for public entities and insurance carriers since 1988

In California, every insurance carrier is required by law to have an active SIU and provide adequate staffing for the SIU. Although there are exemptions to the law for self insured entities, reinsurers
and certain other groups, an active, experienced SIU is vital to properly combat and control insurance fraud.

Our SIU, working with with the Claims Handler fights fraud in a variety of ways, including:

  • Education – We are a qualified Special Investigative Unit. Our professional anti-fraud staff provides ongoing training seminars related to Red Flags, Medical Provider Fraud, Claimant fraud and successful and proper submission of your fraud case to the District Attorney or DOI. These seminars comply with the state mandatory SIU training.

  • Investigating potential fraudulent activity — Our SIU examines suspicious claims closely for evidence of fraud.

  • Fraud investigation – Our SIU handles the field investigation including Subrosa necessary to establish the existence of fraud.

  • We work with and cooperate with other SIU's, local, state, and federal law enforcement to pursue perpetrators of insurance fraud. We work with the law enforcement community to help put fraud perpetrators out of business. 

  • Anti-Fraud plan – Our SIU can help you establish, update and implement your required Anti-Fraud plan.

  • Submission – We can complete or assist you in the FD-1 form, Case overview report and other information required to properly submit your case.

Our Qualified SIU Division  serves as the contractual SIU for various insurance carriers, TPA's and Local Government entities to assure compliance with all state laws.  Our SIU also works closely with your inhouse SIU, handling overflow cases, surbrosa, statements and similar services.

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