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Baechler Investigative Services has been providing professional services to the insurance community since 1988.

BIS highly trained, licensed and experienced investigators are available throughout the State of California, with field staff located  in all major cities.

 We have listed our most common services; please call or email us regarding the needs of your specific investigation.

  • Workers' Compensation
  • Casualty and Liability
  • Subrosa
  • SIU and anti-fraud
  • Scene Analysis

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Our AOE/COE investigators are highly trained interviewers who know when signs of red flags or abuse appear. This aids the adjuster in accepting legitimate claims, denying abuse claims and complying with state law on suspected fraudulent claims. We are expereinced and aware of the WCAB rules and regulations, the 90 day decision deadline and other regulations.

Serious and Wilful

California law dictates "Where the injury is caused by the serious and willful misconduct of the injured employee, the compensation otherwise recoverable therefor shall be reduced one-half".  This does not apply to all situations.  Likewise, a Serious and Wilful claim may be filed against an employer.  It is critical that your investigator posess the proper experience and knowledge to investigative theses claims.

Subrogation and Third Party



Locating Persons, witnesses and businesses

We have located witnesses and individuals in virtually every state, Mexico and Honduras. We frequently receive requests to locate witnesses, individuals and present or defunct businesses. Requests of this nature are often in conjunction with an investigation such as construction defects, difficult process service, trial preparation, or traffic collisions. We are often successful in locating the party through our national database system, however field work is sometimes necessary.

Traffic Collision Investigation or Reconstruction

Mr. Baechler is a court recognized expert on traffic collision reconstruction. Reconstructed collisions include traffic signals and rear end collisions. Our investigators are well trained in traffic collision analysis, including “staged accidents, non-witnessed and single vehicle collisions.

Difficult Process Service

Our Litigation Support Section can handle all normal Process Serves. Our Investigators are trained and have the ability to locate witnesses and other persons or entities for Service Of Process when Process Servers or others have not been able to do so. This service includes locating defunct businesses, contractors, individuals avoiding service and Agents For Service.

Information Services

We are currently on line with numerous worldwide and national computerized data bases. This allows us instant access to countless searches to aid in quickly locating individuals, learning UCC information, DMV, Corporate information and other investigative aids.

We also maintain in-house databases to aid in our investigations. By using the databases we are successful in maintaining cost effectiveness for our clients and drastically improving turn around time.

SIU (Anti-fraud Unit)

We have an active and qualified SIU which is contracted by TPA's and  Insurance Carriers to comply with state SIU laws and serve as, or work with their designated Fraud Unit.  Our SIU also coordinates and provides fraud training for insurance adjusters and employers.  Please contact us regarding your particular need.

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