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Baechler Investigative Services does not accept criminal defense investigations.

During your initial consultation, we carefully review the facts of your case and make a determination if we can accept the case and assist you.

  • Homicide

  • Suspicious death

  • Kidnapping

  • Sex Crimes

  • Drug related cases

  • Other person crimes

  • Other property crimes


The United States has the best trained police departments in the world, regretfully, the constant upward crime tend,  keep our police stretched to the limit.  Often times, the police do not have the resources, time and manpower to throughly investigate every crime, requiting law enforcement to prioritize investigations.

Baechler Investigative Services brings years of experience and law enforcement training to your investigation. Our services may include undercover work, interviews, technology and time tested investigation techniques.  We focus on your individual investigation and follow through on evidence and leads.


Cold cases are typically crimes that are unsolved after a year or more of investigation. For homicides, their numbers have increased to almost 200,000 such cases nationwide. Roughly 6,000 murders go unsolved each year.

Solving a "cold case" relies more on the emergence of new witnesses, a study suggests, than on the DNA analysis and other forensic techniques celebrated in crime dramas.

The most important components of cold case investigations are the people, victims, witnesses, suspects and the physical evidence. People move, get married, get divorced and get married again.

Our highly trained and experienced investigators review all of the old evidence and reports. We review the photographs, locate and re-interview witnesses, or potential witnesses to aid in determining information that was missed, or the witness didn’t feel was important at the time.  Our investigators might be able to see evidence, or circumstances that the original investigators may have missed.

Likewise, witnesses, or people with knowledge of the circumstances may have been reluctant to speak with the police, or feared repercussions at the time. They may be more forthright with the passage of time and speaking with a private, non-police investigator.

New technology ranging from DNS testing to Internet media may be options which were previously unavailable. Our Investigators will use every legal investigative method to solve your case.

Welcome Insurance SIU Subrosa  Business Personal Litigation Criminal   Forms

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