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Baechler Investigative Services (BIS) has been providing professional investigative services since 1988. It is not possible to list the numerous types of investigations we have conducted. We have listed our most common services; please call or email us regarding the needs of your specific investigation.

SIU (Anti-fraud Unit)

BIS maintains a highly trained and qualified  SIU anti fraud unit, which is contracted by Corporations, Self insured entities, TPA's and  Insurance Carriers


We are currently on line with numerous worldwide and national computerized data bases. This allows us instant access to countless searches to aid in quickly locating individuals, learning UCC information, DMV, Corporate information and other investigative aids.

We also maintain in-house databases to aid in our investigations. By using the databases we are successful in maintaining cost effectiveness for our clients and drastically improving turn around time.

Asset Search

An asset search involves  locating of public records that confirm personal property or real estate held by a person or  entity.  Asset searches help individuals, law firms and companies satisfy their due diligence, settle personal injury cases, collect debt, and verify financial statements. 

Background Investigations and Pre-employment Screening

BIS provides a variety of Pre-employment screening and background options from basic to in-depth. The basic, cost effective pre-employment screening includes name and SSN verification, criminal and civil records, driving record history and related information. Our in-depth background reveals virtually all the facts.

On Site Drug Testing

We have the capability to conduct on site drug testing which is accurate and generally more cost effective than sending the employee to a clinic or testing lab. The test is approved by DOT and tests for a minimum of the five common abused drugs, in less than ten minutes.  This test is frequently incorporated into our background or pre-employment screening investigations.

Special Operations

Investigations of this nature may involve an undercover operative working at the warehouse or job site. The assignments vary from monitoring drug abuse or sales, to internal theft, selling company secrets or property and related issues. Other investigations include using our hidden cameras for warehouse control and related issues.

Internal Investigations

Internal theft and sales of company records and secrets, alleged sexual harassment, and other issues where discreet interviews and evidence gathering are examples of internal investigations. We utilize low key,friendly, highly professional questioning techniques. This helps in learning the true facts and aids in determining the validity of the situation, while the employee does not feel they are being unfairly treated by the employer.

Trademark Violations ™

Our Field Investigators are available to locate and purchase items and document the evidence from unscrupulous 'copycats'. Copied items range from disposable diapers to DVD's.


Our agency maintains custody and control of original evidence. All evidence, including photographs, physical evidence, audio and video tapes, are stored in our secure evidence room for a period of five years. We carefully follow the chain of evidence, tracking and security to assure admission in court.

Welcome Insurance SIU Subrosa  Business Personal Litigation Criminal   Forms

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